Federal State Enterprise "P.V. Finogenov AMURSK CARTRIDGE PLANT - "VYMPEL"

Sport and hunting ammunition

Small-arms ammunition of calibers 5,45mm; 7,62mm; .223 Rem, with different bullet-types.

.223 Rem FMJBT

5.45x39 HP
5.45x39 FMJ

7.62x39 FMJBT
7.62x39 HPBT

Federal State Enterprise Amur Cartridge Plant “Vympel” is the only cartridge plant in the Russian Far East. The plant uses advanced automatic rotary and rotary-conveyor equipment for production of ammunition.

P.V. Finogenov Amur Cartridge Plant “Vympel”  is the only cartridge plant in Russia with a world-class technology level.

Balanced marketing and logistics and quality policy make the plant a reliable partner for any contracts. 

Ready for cooperation

P.V. Finogenov Amur Cartridge Plant “Vympel” is a well-known enterprise in the far-eastern region and in Russia. “Vympel” is looking forward to future success