Amur cartridge plant - Vympel

About the plant

The FEDERAL STATE  ENTERPRISE «AMUR CARTRIDGE PLANT «VYMPEL»» is the youngest one among the modern cartridge plants in Russia. It is also the only cartridge plant in the Russian Far East and the only federal state enterprise among the cartridge plants.

«AMUR CARTRIDGE PLANT «VYMPEL» was started when Ministry of the defense industry of the former Sovjet Union decided to start the production of 5.45 mm cartridges at the emergency space of Amurskij machinery plant.

On October 3rd,1975 Minister of the defense industry ordered the start for “Vympel” so the building of the plant started in 1976. 

AMUR CARTRIDGE PLANT «VYMPEL» is on the list of Companies of Strategic Importance for military-industrial complex (Decree of the President of the Russian Federation of February 14, 2007 No. 164) and is under the jurisdiction of the Department of Conventional Arms, Ammunition and Special Chemistry Industry of Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation.

 “Vympel” is a main employer of Amursk. The total production space covers 45 000 m2 and includes 103 properties. The production space used to manufacture ammunition is 45 000 m2. The factory occupies the territory of 127 ha.

The factory is presented by several departments:

— Automated Cartridge production shop;

— Chain of service shops (tool shop, mechanic repair shop, power building, package department);

— transport department;

— warehouse;

— office and welfare building.

The plant has Rail Access Road and a highway, a heating main providing with heat energy the enterprises of the city.

Cartridge production at the plant is based on highly efficient technology in a special-purpose automatic rotary and rotary conveyor lines with the use of modern continuous mechanical processing, heat treatment, assembly operations, shipment, check and packaging.

Complex automation and mechanization of production reaches more than 90%. Lines are able to control automatically more than 50 settings at all stages of the production of cartridges thus providing for high quality, reliability and safety of ammunition.

Today it is the only cartridge plant in Russia with a world-class technology level.

On February 26, 2006, official decree No. 265-p by the Government of the Russian Federation transferred “Vympel” to the category of federal state-owned enterprises and so the plant got its new name “Amur Cartridge Plant Vympel”. Thus, the state showed its attitude towards unique production, which is of strategic importance for the country’s defense capability.

The reforming into a state-owned enterprise prevented the closing of enterprise and the loss of cartridge production in the Far East. It helped to preserve the capacities of the plant and the skilled staff.

Production capabilities, modern technology, skilled staff let VIMPEL be one of the key elements of the country’s defense system in terms of providing the army with the most modern samples of ammunition.